What you need to know about the art of handwriting

What you need to know about the art of handwriting

Do you want to improve your handwriting or even learn calligraphy? Well, practicing and coming out with a readable script is not an easy task as many takes. It is an art, which is differing a bit from other types of crafts. It differs from other arts because of the set of rules on how to place and create letter-forms, which are called “hands” or the art of handwriting . In today’s computer language these technique is known as “fonts.”

Dopa, power of the pen, is one of the resources you can refer to get particular letter-forms, one needs to go through it by examples  of the lettering styles which are generated from the master calligraphers. Because almost everyone knows how to write, one can be misled by trying to copy from someone who knows little skills on old hands. It is like trying to become a good artist from someone who uses an auto card on drawings. Learning from an expert scribe, you will acquire best skills that will enhance prime lettering and proper design. Considering the following tips, you will achieve the best and a readable handwriting.


Tips for a good handwriting


Letter compositions


An essential feature of calligraphy is learning how to give letters perfect style, having in mind that latter are a combination of thick and thin lines. Which are formed by the angle you hold the nib of the pen. Different pens come with separate nips thus the rate of dropping ink or paint differs. To achieve the required letter type depends on the angle you slant your pen and the way you regulate the pressure on the pen when writing.

Letter consistency


Having consistency in letter heights, slants, width, branching, serifs and some parts of the letters and being able to do the same over some time will enhance your writing skills. This is where studying, practice and observing come in action. It takes a lot of time for one to get used to a pen at a proper angle and maintaining a constant pressure (applying a lot of pressure will not give a perfect line it will only hinder the flow of ink) and the amount of ink in the nib of the pen. Once you master that they can proceed to equal spacing, ink type to use, paper type and so forth.


Hire artist design experts


Having a trainer with you will give your exercise and able you to identify your weaker areas and provide the best solution to improve it. The trainer will help you to choose the best pens and correct papers to start with as a learner. Also, a trainer will give you the best angles at which you hold your pens for a perfect handwriting.

The whole process takes time and even resources. The same process follows to provide the best it requires sacrifices and dedications. The same way the doctors take time to master the stitches, players using their rackets and the carpenter using a hummer takes them time to cope up. However, with time consumed, definitely, you will reach improvement and come out with consistent like experts.…